Calendar Update!!!

After much study, prayer and hesitation. Here it is…

I have completely revamped the calendar section of our website, and for those of you that are wanting to know, I believe that we have finally narrowed in on an intercalation method that keeps the years averaging 365.24!

The calendar and feast dates for 2020 have been updated and are free to download and links to all the data that I have compiled have been added for anyone that is interested.

A link to the main page is below

Zadok Priestly Calendar

Just like our first steps into the Zadok Calendar, a group of like minded men included myself decided that since we could not determine an intercalation method on our own, even though we have spend countless hours studying, searching, and praying, that we would simply leave it in the hands of our Heavenly Father and pray, fast, and cast lots.  I know for some of you that may sound foolish, but it is a biblical practice and when done correctly can yield amazing results.

What we did was make a list of 8 different methods. and amazingly enough when we each drew a lot separately we all came up with the same method! The odds of that happening are very small.

So for now, as I mention elsewhere we are satisfied waiting on our Heavenly Father to guide us, whether it is day by day, month by month or year by year. Our only hope and goal is to be obedient in every way possible, and that includes keeping His Feast times according to His calendar on His appointed day.

I hope you enjoy the updated content, and if you have any questions, please feel free to comment or send me a message via our contact form.


6 thoughts on “Calendar Update!!!

  1. Cristy VanWart

    Yayyy for the calander update!!
    So cool i am gonna take an educated guess that you and Zach and Derek etc worked on this together!! What a blessing! Thanks so much for all the time and energy you all invested in this!!


    1. Yes. Zach, Micah, myself and others have been working hard, praying and searching to get to an answer.
      Each of us have our own published calendar for our groups that reflect the work we have put into it, but the feast dates all agree.
      I believe that Derek is in agreement with our conclusion because at our last discussion he was planning to intercalate in 2020 as we are as well, but I have not spoken with him recently to confirm.


  2. Roxanne

    I was wondering if you could help me understand the Shabbat Teshuva on September 26th. What does that mean exactly? I have googled and I’m not really finding anything online that makes sense. Thanks.


    1. Tashuva simply means return or in a Biblical sense repentance. So you could refer to it as the sabbath of return symbolizing ones return to following Yah or ones repentance for sin. It’s not found in the Torah as it’s more of a Jewish tradition. However, since the timing falls between the feast of Trumpets and the day of Atonement it is the perfect timing for one to reflect on the previous year and focus on our walk.


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