2021 Calendar release

We have updated the calendar for 2021. Its a full color version that is free to download and print if you wish. We are also running a batch to our local printer so if anyone is interested please let me know. The more we print the cheaper they are.


A beautiful full color spiral bound 12 month calendar. The calendar has been laid out in the standard Gregorian format with references to the Zadok dates so it is easy to use and reference for daily use.

It also contains the weekly Torah reading schedule, major feasts dates, and references to many biblical events as given in scripture.

Please use the link below to send your request. I will respond with a PayPal link to process the payment and get shipping information.

The calendars are $16 dollars each to print and bind, and I am only charging $2 to ship them USPS. These are the actual costs as I am not looking to make a profit.

A second batch of calendars have just been released to the printer today 03/16/2021 so please allow some time for processing, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or reply in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “2021 Calendar release

  1. Cristy VanWart

    Yes! We would love a printed calendar! What info do you need/where should we share it?
    And…. do you have a ballpark thought about how much they might be and when would we need our orders in/when will they be sent out- is there a basic timeframe?
    Thanks, shalon!


    1. I’ll update the post and add a link to purchase the calendars online later tonight.
      Currently it looks like they are going to be $16 each.
      That’s at our cost plus shipping. Not looking to make a profit just cover the printing and shipping.

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    1. We sold out of the calendars from the previous run. I am planning to contact the printing company tomorrow 3/15 to see about getting another batch processed. It takes about a week for them to print, bind and package them. After that I can ship them out as needed.
      If you are still interested please send me a. It through the contact page and I’ll get your information.


    2. Sraah,
      As I just mentioned to another commenter, I recently released another batch to the printer. If you are still interested, please use the contact form above. That way I can securely get your shipping information.


  2. Candice Anderson

    I’d like to purchase the calendar and have it shipped regular letter mail to Canada if possible? Willing to pay whatever extra is necessary! Thanks so much for this ❤


    1. Candice,
      I recently released another batch to the printer and they should be in by mid next week. Please use the contact form above. That way I can securely get your shipping information.


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