2023 Calendar Release

We are happy to announce the release of our 2023 calendar.

It is a beautiful full color calendar with all new graphics updated for 2023. It still contains the biblical feast dates, events from scripture, and other features that we have come to enjoy. We have also added a couple pages that present a lot of the information contained on this site regarding the history, function, and format of the Zadok calendar. We have also added several additional events found in Scripture and the Book of Jubilees for your studying purposes.

Below is a link to the current full color PDF version that is free to download as always, so please enjoy it, use it, and pass it along.

If you are interested in ordering a printed copy the 2023 calendar for your home or office wall, there is a secure link to pay through PayPal below. Quantities are limited (we currently have about 30 on-hand). If the demand is high enough, we might run a second batch.

The cost only covers the actual printing expenses, processing fees, and a modest estimate for flat rate shipping via USPS. We are not looking to make money from these. Our only desire is to share the knowledge gained through years of research, and hopefully help others that are seeking the truth to see the amazing biblical connections only found in the Zadok Priestly Calendar.

2023 Printed Wall Calendar


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