Zadok Priestly Calendar

The Biblical calendar has been a hotly debated topic among many in the messianic movement. We do not desire to enter these debates, but we also understand the importance of keeping the feasts on the days appointed by YHVH.

Due to the many opinions and the confusion that often surrounds this topic, a few of the men in our group decided to cast lots before YHVH after praying and fasting for several days. The lot came up for the Zadok/Enochian calendar with unbelievable odds, so that is what we are currently observing as a group. If anyone is interested in joining us for the feast days, please feel free to Contact Us for more information.

Below is a link to a free printable calendar that we have compiled for anyone to print and share.

Unlike many Zadok calendars available online, I have spent the time to present the information in the standardized format so it is easy to reference for daily use. We plan on having these printed as wall calendars with the weekly Torah portions and photos added. If you would like to purchase one, please use the contact us page. A link will be provided once we have costing back from the printing company.

You can also subscribe to our shared online calendar by using the link below. This method works great for mobile devices.

Torah Is Light Calendar link –

As I set out to make this calendar, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into.  I had been holding to a “sighting” method since coming to Torah to determine the months and to set the feast schedule. I spent a great deal of time researching the moon and tracking its phases and movements. What I found is that the moon is fairly difficult to understand.  It wanders north and south, up and down, and it is constantly falling behind the sun by roughly 13.2 degrees a day.

Even though I doubted that I would ever really understand the moon and its movements, I relied on a belief that Yah’s calendar system had to be simple enough for His people to follow.

What I found while researching the Zadok calendar is that it is by far the simplest. It is perfectly divisible by seven, it uses both the sun and the moon as witnesses, and it is in line with the priestly order that is laid out in 1 Chronicles 24. No other calendar can make those claims.

Trust me, at first I had a hard time understanding it and even accepting it myself. But after seeing the results of the lot we cast, I could no longer simply ignore it. So after spending almost 5 years with this calendar, learning how it functions; how it ties into Scripture, the book of Enoch and Jubilees; and by observing the days the Father commanded according to it reckoning, I am fairly convinced that this is as close as we can get to the calendar that the ancient Hebrews were keeping prior to the captivity.

Pray about it, and if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us



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  1. TheLordIS MyBanner

    this on the right path! next year, when the equinox is on wed the 20th of march, we must start the year on the following wed, as we can’t start it on the same day as the equinox. it happens about every 5th year. from my understanding, we cannot start before or on the equinox. 🙂


    1. I used to be in that camp as well. However, since I have charted the last 100+ years of solar and lunar alignments I have come to see it differently.
      There are 2 major thoughts when it comes to intercalation. One you just let the years roll until you are either a week behind, or in your case in alignment with the equinox then you add a week. Or you can use the moon as a witness as scripture indicates which is not as mainstream as the former thought.
      Incredibly what I have found along with others that have dug into this topic as well; is that every year we are to intercalate the full moon lands between the end of the 364th day and the solar equinox. 2019 is actually a perfect year where everything is in alignment. The sun, full moon, and the 4th day. Form observing the heavenly alignments and spending hours upon hours of charting this out myself I see no need whatsoever to intercalate next year.
      I will post more on intercalation as time permits. The alignments are absolutely incredible and quite undeniable.


      1. A group of guys and myself have been working hard to determine just that.
        By overlaying the information given in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the information given by regarding the full and new moon dates we have been able to isolate an alternating 7 year pattern that appears to fit the priestly courses. However, it is still unknown how those in Qumran observed the Jubilee let alone how they intercalated.
        So to keep it short, after a lot of searching and prayer we are still looking for the answers we seek.
        I believe wholeheartedly that whatever the calendar is it must first fit scripture and it must incorporate the luminaries.
        We are getting closer all the time but it seems that we are still missing a key component that will unlock the mystery.
        As a group however, we decided to NOT intercalate this year based upon what we have found thus far.


      2. Wayne Thibodeaux

        The reason why you can’t understand the calendar, is because you are looking in the wrong place. The Qumran texts of the dead sea scrolls are not scripture.

        The only scriptural instructions to formulate a calendar system are found in chapters 72-82 of the book of Enoch and confirmed in the book of Jubilees.

        Your calendar is false because it maintains the Roman calendar day of Saturn Sabbath and a fourth day start which is not scriptural either.


      3. Please show me where the Sabbath has been changed in history. The Julian calendar was in use during the time the Romans occupied Judea, and also during the time Yeshua walked the earth. If that was incorrect I believe it is safe to say that Yeshua would have mentioned it seeing how He had a knack for pointing out the inconsistencies of the ruling powers, yet that argument is oddly missing from the New Testament writing. All the Gregorian calendar did was add 10 days to the calendar. So Thursday the 10th was now Thursday the 20th, but it was STILL Thursday. That was done to correct the faulty intercalation method used by the Julian calendar.

        I would also like to point out that in many common languages the name for the 7th day we call Saturday in English means “Sabbath”… Spanish – Sábado, Greek – Sabbat‎, Italian – Sabato etc…

        Also if the Sabbath had been moved, don’t you think that the ENTIRE Jewish community world wide would have been up in arms? Yet that never happened either. I firmly believe that the Sabbath, just like Scripture has been supernaturally protected throughout history. Just research it and see what happened every time a government tried to add an extra day to the week. The people ALWAYS revolted. And if the 7th day is not on Saturday, just when do you observe it?

        The 4th day start is directly tied back to the creation week in Scripture. Without the sun, moon, and stars what would you have to base a calendar upon? The luminaries are the basis of ALL ancient calendars, and so the Zadok calendar pulls from that as well, yet it also keeps with the creation pattern having the year start on the 4th day when the sun and moon (the hands on our giant clock) were created.

        Regarding the Qumran text. I never said that they were scripture and I use them as “reference only”. Scripture MUST come first as our primary source and guide. However, they also add some key information as to how an ancient civilization (a priestly order) were observing not just the calendar, but the Torah in their everyday lives. Its an astonishing historical find that lets us peer into the past, but is it scripture. Not in my book.

        And finally Jubilees… Do you want to take a guess at where the most ancient known copy of that text was also discovered… in Qumran. And please tell me where you heard that Jubilees was a “confirmed” text. Before the Qumran discovery in the 1940’s, only 2 copies dating back to the 15th/16th century were even known to exist so their authenticity could not be verified. And just because one group in Ethiopia canonized it doesn’t make it scripture. It is at best a second temple period writing that adds fences around Torah, which by the way is a violation of Torah, just read Deut12:32 “…do not add to it nor take away from it.” Yet Jubilees does just that in several areas. Definitely doesn’t pass the Deuteronomy test, but its is still a good historical reference, just not one to supersede scripture with.

        I do not claim to understand everything, nobody does, but after studying various texts in-depth over the last two years I have gained a pretty good understanding of the calendrical patterns and how they work. I completely believe that the patterns laid out in Enoch, Jubilees, and yes the Qumran text all describe the correct patterns. What the Qumran texts add is the timing of lunar phases and the priestly courses which were established by the High Priest Zadok and David in 1Chronicles 24. So it helps to have that information when one is attempting to find out where we are in the pattern (which we are narrowing in on). But what they all fail to describe is how to correct the 1.24 day difference between the 364 day and the solar 365.24 day. Its a real issue, and one that I don’t take lightly. Left alone with a 364 day year in just 20 years you would be keeping Passover in February. Think about that.

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      4. Deanne


        Hello. Thank you for all the work you and others poured into this. I’m still trying to figure out what calendar to go by. Everything seems to lign up with this except I’m stuck on a couple issues I can’t seem to ignore and it’s so confusing.
        Have you done any research on hillel and how he established the fixed Sabbath? And have you looked into the establishing of the vernal equinox equator Etc… I found that the “equator” was discovered in 1736 by the French. It’s my understanding that you need the “equator” to pin point the vernal Equinox. Any help in clearing up this matter would be most appreciated.


      5. I have. Hillel adjusted the calendar to appease Julian the apostate and to help him gain favor with the Jews. His rendition revolves around the metonic cycle of the moon which is a 19 year cycle. Although it is obvious he attached Jewish year and the feast calendar to the lunar cycles, I do not believe that he “fixed” or changed the sabbath. Nevertheless, the sabbath has always been “fixed” since creation. It was ordained as the 7th day and has never changed nor does it ever. The argument that it adjusts to meet the solar alignment we call the equinox is absurd as only 50ish percent of the world could ever witness the equinox any given year. Without NASA to tell us otherwise we would never know it’s exact timing. The equilux (equal day/night) however, is measurable by every person regardless of location, but it varies depending on latitude. So how does one decide to begin the year? That is the question.

        The sun, moon, and the 364day priestly calendar all play a part. It’s not set by one or the other but a combination of all 3. If Yah had the sun govern the year people would worship it. If He had set the moon to govern the year or the months, people would worship it as well. Sadly as history proves they have and currently still worship both. Hillel is a lunar calendar, many in the strict Enoch/equinox camp follow only the sun and they violate the sabbath as a result. The Catholic religion is a system of solar worship. Muslims are lunar. There are many off shoots, but those are some of the prominent ones.
        I believe Yah has given us signs (which is what He called them in Genesis) to help establish the year, but at the end of the day seeks obedience. Discovering how the calendar functions is not easy as Jubilees warned, but I believe without doubt that it’s the right path to be on.


      1. I truly do appreciate everyone’s comments. However, as I mentioned in the very first paragraph I do not wish to enter a debate about this topic, so jumping on here and just saying that I am wrong without examining the data put forth isn’t constructive. It also proves that many positions are simply based upon opinions rather than facts.
        As we all know there are a multitude of views and opinions regarding intercalation and the starting of the year, NONE of which can be verified via scripture, Enoch or the Dead Sea Scrolls. Even the patterns and alignments that we have found and documented here unfortunately do not clearly define this for us. All I have attempted to do here is present the information that we have gathered and outlined our current understanding and practice. I do not, and will not claim to be 100% accurate or correct, nor do I believe anyone else should as, there just isn’t enough evidence to prove one method over another.
        I have examined many methods mentioned here in depth and found most lacking. Others have merit and require further examination and testing. Yet all leave much to be defined.
        I simply want to present the data and evidence for everyone to examine for themselves. And I also hope to help those that are attempting to understand the calendar for the first time. It can be a horribly confusing topic especially with all the conflicting information that is out there. That is why I set out to document as much as I could and compile it in a manner that is helpful rather than leave others to face what I did when I first embarked on this study.
        I wish the best to everyone and I truly hope that in due time Yah will unveil the methods of His calendar to us removing all doubt. But until then, study, pray, dig, and do your best.


      1. Four of the 12 months are mentioned by name in scripture prior to the dispersion. Only 2 of the modern names mentioned after their return. It took a bit of research and comparing sources to verify, but you can find the remaining names if you dig a little.


  2. TheLordIS MyBanner

    Matt, is this your website? if so, why then did you share the Zadok vids because that is where i got my info as well. We only need the sun to know when start the year.


    1. I shared those videos because that is the clearest explanation that I have come across in a video form so far. However, that doesn’t mean that I agree 100% with what she says.
      In scripture the moon is referred to as a faithful witness in heaven. Psalm 89:37
      And in the book of Enoch it says
      “The moon brings on all the years exactly, that their stations may come neither too forwards nor too backwards a single day; but that the years may be changed with correct precision in three hundred and sixty-four days…” Enoch 74:13
      How then does the moon bring in the year perfectly if we only need the sun when the moon is on a 354 day cycle, and how does it “change the years with correct precision” if we don’t need it? And why were they holding a celebration that included both the Chodesh and the full moon in Psalm 81 calling it a Law of the God of Jacob referring to “observing” the month of Abib which is the only month we are command to “observe”. So what does the moon witness if not the beginning of the Biblical year?
      After charting it out it is clear that the moon absolutely stands as a witness. I would encourage you to chart it out for yourself and see. The full moon lands during the intercalation week exactly in 3, 5, and 8 year intervals just as Enoch chapter 74 states.
      Don’t just take others work as truth without digging in yourself. As I mentioned I will be posting more on this topic soon.


      1. Izhar

        Matt, I got confused about your answer on my previous comment, for you wrote that only two of the moderns months name are on bible, which is not true but the opposite, just 2 of them are NOT on the bible, but my question is: Where or how did you found the ancient name of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th months? Since I know it’s not a topic very clear cause I’ve looked for such information but I haven’t got very good results, it’s a matter really important for me so I’d thank your help on clearify that. God bless you


      2. There are 4 ancient pre-exile names of the months mentioned in scripture, Abib (Exodus 12:2, 13:4), Ziw (1 Kings 6:1), Aythniym (1 Kings 8:2), & Bul (1 Kings 6:38). And only 2 post exile names, Elul and Adar. The pre-exile names can also be found in ancient Canaanite documents found in the Judean region. Even though we are missing 8 ancient names in the cannon of scripture, one can interpolate from other contemporary writings that the names which were in use during that time were mostly universal, much like we do today with the modern Babylonian names with even less occurrences in scripture.
        Although it is obvious that the names were not given much significance in scripture, they do speak specifically to the character of each month, especially in regard to the agricultural aspects of each. So having the “names” correct would be far less important that observing them in the correct time. It is however a fascinating study.

        Although I do not agree with everything the following sites put forth, they are good references to start with.


  3. Cristy

    Hi, we are in agreement with the following of the Zadok calendar, as we too see it as the simple and orderly design of Yah. We also see the importance and significance of the sun, moon and stars working in conjunction/harmony with each other!! I was looking forward to seeing your dates etc… but for some reason they are not showing up when I try and open them. Bummer!!


    1. Which file were you trying to open?
      I can send you files directly if you send a message through the contact page if that helps.
      We have been doing a lot of study regarding intercalation and the patterns made by the sun and moon.
      I would be glad to help in any way I can.


  4. Cristy Armstrong VanWart

    Just wrote up a whole comment here and somehow I lost it as I was trying to post it! Ugh!
    Anyway, sorry for my delayed reply! I am just seeing your resonse now! 😦 Yes, I would love it if you could send me the file! The one that I am having trouble with, is the one with the Zadok dates. I can open it, but its just blank. Thanks!! And thank you so much for all your hard work and studying all of this out, it really is a huge blessing to those of us who just don’t have as much time to invest in doing all of the work you have done!! We have been looking at various forms of the Jubilee and Enoch calanders for the past few + years off and on… but in all honesty we were not sure we should focus too much on it because we were also trying to be mindful of being in unity with our fellowship etc… and we still saw some gaps and things that didn’t exactly line up/make sense to us, so we studied it as we were able, but decided to continue to observe the sliver moon calander until Yah showed us more and gave us the “green light” so to speak (ie I needed to follow my hubby’s lead on this, (well…mostly I did… though I am more of the digger into-er, and questioner of the 2 of us!!) but he just wasn’t to sure about it, or even if it mattered that much since it seemed kind of “elussive” and stressful with all the back and forth and uncertainity… and he is the peacekeeper ❤ so we kept with what was more familiar/common, as I kept studying bits and pieces on the side.
    Then this year he began to study it out more as well and now we both have been starting to study out the Zadok calendar more and more, we are seeing so many things coming together and lining up perfectly with Scriptures… its really an exciting time we are in!!


    1. Michelle

      Be thankful your husband will study with you. Mine said he would divorce me if I follow anything other than Saturday Sabbath, and he refused to even study or see if that’s right or wrong.
      I have to study in private, or he gets angry and questions me as to what I am reading. I’ve been a TORAH keeper for over forty years, never thought I’d be be persecuted for studying to show myself approved. 😦


  5. Gilbert

    I find the chart with dates 1980-1988 helps.
    Can you please put that same chart and have it continued up to this date on a link here in the comment section ? ?
    If there is any problem putting an active link in, break the link up a bit.
    I think many readers here would like that.


    1. Please see the additional resources section at the bottom of the Calendar page. I have just uploaded a link to an updated file and refreshed some of the content of the page itself. I wanted to add some clarity to a couple different intercalation methods as well describe some recent findings that point to a 7year cycle vs a 5-6 year cycle. If that does not help please contact me through the contact page and I will email the files directly.


  6. Douglas Quinton

    I am just coming into all this and very interesting. I read Enoch a couple of years back and discarded the notion of 364 days, considering eventual season slippage and not understanding that there were intercalculatory days added as well.

    I came upon your site because I was searching for the time of day that Shabbat starts on the Zadok calendar. I had been observing from evening, but I am sure in Genesis 1 it is quite clear the new day starts at early morning – or crack of dawn ?


  7. Here is a link to the first video in a 5 part series.
    I too believe that a day begins at twilight in the wee morning hours.
    The pattern laid out in Gen 1 and many verse following seem to support that position. Plus we are called children of light so why would our day start in darkness?


  8. Seeker Of The Way

    I do not understand where you get the first of the month from, it seems to make more since to use the time pieces He gave us and if the Sun moon and Stars were created on day 4 and that is their Cycle start that it would also mark the fourth day of the first month, I do not use the calendar of man at all to hold the days, since we are not to conform to the world I see it as yet another way for the Creator to set us apart from the lost ones not seeking. This then every Equinox would mark the 4th day of the week and the 4th day of the first month, with the moon Cycling to keep track of the yrs according to what day of each month it lands. So our calendar can be see directly with the lights in the sky so that you can start each Year new with the feasts landing on the same days as the days in the Heavens and we then can feast with the Messangers and such as that. You are really close it seems, let me know your thoughts on what I said thank you.


    1. The sun and moon are simply witnesses. Their movements and alignments are used to confirm the year not actually start it. Just like everything in Torah it must have multiple witnesses for a matter to be established, and that is exactly what the sun and moon do. At the end of the day its an intercalation issue.

      Throughout the DSS it is clear that the start of the year is always on the 4th day or Wednesday. If you chart out the lunar phases and the priestly courses together it leaves absolutely no question that is how they reckoned it. And using this method you will also have an unbroken priestly course and more importantly an unbroken 7th day sabbath cycle which has been established from the beginning. If we allow the Sun to dictate the 4th day it would cause a shift in the daily count the last week of each year would have either 8 or 9 days clearly violating the 4th command. This simply cannot be.

      I honestly believe the calendar is a faith issue like most things in scripture. He says “here it is, are you going to follow it?” And just like the ancient Israelites and the nations across the world, many choose to follow either the sun, the moon, or man rather than the divinity ordered pattern set forth.

      “and lest you lift up your eyes to the heavens, and shall see the sun, and the moon, and the stars – all the host of the heavens – and you be drawn away into bowing down to them and serving them, which יהוה your Elohim has allotted to all the peoples under all the heavens.”  (Deu 4:19)

      The Zadok calendar uses both the sun and the moon but is ordered or controlled by neither. Its established by His word and confirmed by the witnesses.

      I do not have the intercalation method nailed down yet, but I truly believe that the calendar pattern as set forth in Enoch, Jubilees and the DSS is the correct pattern.
      It is perfectly divisible by 7’s
      343+21=364 days
      364/7=52 weeks

      It fits the pattern of 12 that is throughout scripture.
      12 months
      12 tribes
      12 disciples
      City measures 12,000 furlongs
      Its walls are 144 cubits 12×12

      Plus it keeps the seasons in their appropriate time.

      If you have not read through the calendar text found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and charted out the moons along with the priestly courses, I would encourage you to do so. It will become clear once you do that. Don’t just take my word on it.


  9. The calendar page has been updated and a new calendar has been released. I have tried to organize the information here in such a way to better explain the different aspects of the calendar. If anyone has any questions, please comment below.


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  11. Douglas

    Many thanks for all your hard work here. Very excited to be able to download a full Zadok calendar ! One question I have is why have you got Yahshua’s crucifixion on the High Sabbath of Feast of Unleavened Bread not on Passover ? We know the High Sabbath started the day after His crucifixion, which most mistake to be the weekly Sabbath. Doesn’t seem to make sense to me ? Many thanks !


    1. Douglas,
      Please read the article called “When the Day begins” I have overlaid the gospel accounts along with a couple traditional views as to when the day starts. Once we take the entire picture into view it becomes clear that He was in fact crucified on the true High sabbath while the Jews were keeping it the following day. This also fits perfectly with the movement of the Exodus and the crossing of the Red Sea. I have outlined those events in the calendar itself. I hope this helps.


  12. Doug

    Many thanks for all your hard work here. Very excited to be able to download a full 2020 Zadok calendar ! One question I have is why have you got Yahshua’s crucifixion on the High Sabbath of Feast of Unleavened Bread not on Passover ? We know the High Sabbath started the day after His crucifixion, which most mistake to be the weekly Sabbath. Doesn’t seem to make sense to me ? Also He was the Passover Lamb to be sacrificed on Passover. Many thanks !


    1. Please read what I have on our page When the Day Begins located under “Additional Resources” tab. In it I have overlaid all the Gospel accounts and it shows clearly that He kept the Passover with his disciples and was killed the following day.
      Also regarding Yeshua being the Passover, I agree. But He is also the red heifer, the dove for the leaper, the sin sacrifice, peace offering etc. His death is typified in all these sacrifices yet none match how he was killed, even the Passover. So there is nothing that indicates that He had to be killed on Passover. Also to get the 3days and 3nights sign of Jonah Wednesday has to be when He was crucified.
      Bottom line, I believe the pharisaical Jews who controlled the temple at that time were keeping a different calendar.


    2. Not sure if I previously replied to you or not regarding the crusifixtion. If you haven’t already please check out the page When the day begins

      I probably should add some additional tags to draw people to it for the passion week as it focuses heavily on it as a means to prove our position. However in it I believe you will find the answer you seek, and its definitely a calendar issue!


  13. Deloris

    I don’t understand why there is a need for the intercalary week. Equal time happens in my area on the 15th of March. The equinox on the regular calendar is set by the zodiac. Which isn’t even correct and hasn’t been since Ptolomy discovered the constellation of the snake bearer The sun is in that constellation for a little over two weeks in December. So the whole idea that the sun and moon has to complete it’s course before the head of the year is bunk. Last year the head of the year fell on the full moon. Which makes it a 1,4 or 7 year. So this year could be a 1, 2 or 4 if you start the year on the 18 th right after the true equinox day of equal time then you have a full mon on the 20th day. Which happens during the 2nd and 4th year in a seven year cycle.


    1. I am actually interested in seeing more in regards to the method that you describe. I would really like to chart it out and see where it goes. If you have any links or documents please send them. You can reach me directly through the contact page


  14. jehiels

    Hi, it’s a group on Facebook “Yah’s Enoch Calendar” that use a week intercalation. Maybe is useful to check it


    1. I am well aware of John’s page and his work. I actually have included his method as method#2 on my intercalation page and have charted the alignments going back to 1900 as a comparison.
      Initially I was onboard with him when he first got his page started, but after spending a great deal of time looking into that method and how he compiled the data I have way more questions than answers, and as a result I have many issues with it. Enough that I have since disregarded it as a valid means of intercalation.


  15. Joseph

    There is a ton of confusion on this topic because for one, it is literally impossible to begin a day at sunset. That alone goes against the first thing God did, created LIGHT and SEPARATED it from DARKNESS. He called the light day, so a day begins with the rising of the sun at dawn and ends with the setting of the sun at dusk. For two, the Shabbat is not a “day of the week”, because the Hebrews never counted weeks in their calendar system (they only counted days and months). EVERY TIME the Shabbat is mentioned in Scripture we are only told that it’s the seventh day. The golden question is when is day one? God taught the Israelites when to keep the new month (Exodus 12:2) before he taught them when to keep the Shabbat (Exodus 16). A year begins (according to Enoch) when day and night are of equal length. Isaiah tells us that the law shall go forth from Zion, so counting time from Israel the day and night are always equal on March 16th (March 15th on leap years). This means that the count starts from March 17th which is the real new year. Counting from that date, the Shabbat could fall on any day of the week.

    What also causes confusion is that the Book of Jubilees is not regarded as Scripture. It’s more accurate than Genesis and gives much more detailed information so it is a key text that truth seekers need. The Genesis we read is not ancient (it comes from the Masoretic Text meaning it’s way later), yet Jubilees was found at Qumran and maybe Masada. That means Jubilees > Genesis. When we read Jubilees we find that a day was added to the calendar given to Enoch. Chapter 32 explains how God added a day to the calendar as a sign of the vow Jacob made to serve the Most High in spirit and in truth. This means that the calendar was originally 364 days but changed to 365 days after God added one day. This is the “eighth day” that’s celebrated after Tabernacles which is only lasts 7 days. This means that the Shabbat moves over one day every year. Instead of counting a consistent 7-day cycle like usual, an “eighth day” is added which moves the Shabbat over one day and keeps the cycle in tune with the changing of the seasons. The moon is not needed to calculate any of this. Jubilees tells us that God gave us the sun as a sign of days, sabbaths, months, years, sabbaticals and jubilees. The calendar works flawlessly, but there is only one issue (which is how I wound up on this site), determining when to add the intercalary day caused by the leap year. If that can be resolved, this calendar works from year to year, keeps the calendar in sync with the seasons and ensures that all feasts are kept on the same day every year.


    1. That is a very interesting connection to the eighth day. I have read Jubilees many times and must have skimmed over that part. However, after just reading it I don’t see where YHVH added a day, but that it was Ya’aqov who added a day to the feast and it was established as such. I will say that I do have a hard time with anything that breaks the eternal 7 day sabbatical cycle as described in scripture, but I will dig into it further as that would account for a good portion of the additional 1.24 solar days. Intercalation is definitely an ongoing issue regardless. Still digging.


      1. vlsh55

        Hi Matt,
        I have recently stumbled onto your site as a seeker of the TRUE SABBATH.
        After skimming through many of the comments, I would like to add my own.

        The Tsadok priests of Qumran were the last keepers of “the way.” The ancient path per Yah.
        Please consider the odd response of Yeshua in John 11:9 regarding traveling to Judea.-

        Joh 11:7  Then after that saith he to his disciples, Let us go into Judaea again. 
        Joh 11:8  His disciples say unto him, Master, the Jews of late sought to stone thee; and goest thou thither again? 
        Joh 11:9  Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world. 
        Joh 11:10  But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him. 

        Could this answer be a clue to those who are searching for His Sabbath?
        This passage above is not about staying safe by walking in the daytime. It is about walking in TORAH, which is the light of Yah. Those walking on the ancient path given in Torah will not “stumble”. Those who do not keep the DAYLIGHT CALENDAR, but the calendar of the moon, will stumble because they are not keeping the Torah Calendar of Yah….i.e. the Tsadok Calendar.

        The exact meaning of 12 hours of daylight is NOT the equinox. Twelve hours of daylight is the EQUILUX. One must then ask, how did ancient people (without astronomical equipment) measure the length of the day? They measured by OBSERVATION!
        Are there twelve hours of daylight on the day of the equinox? NO…..

        When is the Equilux compared to the Equinox?
        The days on which the length of day and night are exactly equal, called the equilux, occur a few days before the spring equinox and a few days after the autumn equinox. This date will vary depending on where on Earth you are, and indeed equiluxes do not occur at all close to the equator, whereas the equinox is a fixed instant in time.

        The one thing I am dead certain of is that Yah’s day of rest has nothing to do with the Sons of Darkness nor the SATR-Day Sabbath created by Rome. Several of your commentators have interesting replies. Perhaps we are all moving towards the right calendar, but on different paths.
        I would be willing to help/assist/consult/work towards finding Yah’s path that He has hidden for us to find. Perhaps when it is finally concrete and undeniably correct, the remnant will arise!


    2. Caasi Algazi

      Yes we did not have astronomical instruments. All we knew was when day and night are equal and that is march 16th. So I just realized that the other day. But then I looked up when was equinox at pyramids and it still says march 20th. But websites can totally just write that date instead of actually going to look because after all SCIENCE IS KING THESE DAYS even if it’s WRONG


      1. Leona Dubois

        the equinox is manmade and only an average. Equilux is the correct timing and occurs 4 days before or after the spring or fall equinox…that being said I am studying the calendar in the heavens that man can’t mess with. when the day comes that the sun is setting in the west the same time the full moon is rising in the east and the constellation Bethula (today called Virgo) with the star Abib (today called Spica)in her hand and the entire constellation visible on the horizon. Then THAT is the first day of the Biblical year. You can observe this all with the naked eye without any manmade instruments….like Abraham did in the desert and Moses did in the wilderness. Once you see this then all the rest falls into place


  16. I think you are getting close, but you need to keep it in the perspective of YHWH, NOT man’s perspective.

    He clearly marks the first day of the week through the 7th. Shifting the 1st day to the 4th moves your Sabbath’s and Feast’s into man’s perspective and off of YHWH’s. Remember the 7th day of YHWH’s calendar is a Sabbath, INCLUDING the first week, and if we want to follow His calendar then we should start as He did, just like He showed us.

    Also when we follow His example and start the year on the 1st day of the week, and let the 7th day of the year fall on the 7th day of the week, the Sabbath’s and Feast days will fall into perfection and more will be revealed through His beautiful timing!


    1. Have you read the Dead Sea scrolls?
      Apparently they were wrong as well because that’s what all the data and research is based upon. What about the writer of Jubilees. Them too? They all agree.


  17. R. Lorin

    I am curious. Does this calendar’s new year land on the month of Abib each year? This may not be easy to determine as I haven’t found many archives for proper dating and the ones that I have found are not detailed for many years back. Any sources for this?


    1. Yes the new year or the first day of the year is also the first day of the month Abib. I have all my charts and overlays in the additional resources page so you can download them.


    1. By confirmed do you me the Jewish tradition of looking for the sliver moon or the more recent trend in the messianic movement to look for heads of barley? If that’s what you mean, no. But it is confirmed by other witnesses. Mainly the sun and the moon as described in Genesis and in Enoch.
      The Zadok calendar as described in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Enoch, and Jubilees is a fixed date calendar made up by 364 days. So the first day of the following year would be the 365th day.
      I have written about different intercalation methods and confirmations we have found in the solar/lunar alignments. Everything is posted for review.


  18. creationwitness

    According to scripture both should hold true (sliver moon & green heads) no? The reason I ask is because from about 8 years of observation (short time), the new moon closest to the equinox (either way) has in recent years corresponded with confirmed finding of green heads of barley. The beauty of this type of calculation is that anyone can do it with minimal study and when a year falls short an extra month is added. So far it has worked out well with the natural cycles of the sun and moon plus the barley seems to respond correctly. Any ideas?


    1. Actually that’s never found in scripture. It’s read into scripture. Yah never told the people to search the hills for barley, nor does the term “new moon” ever appear in scripture. It’s taken from tradition.
      Unfortunately our current cannon is actually lacking a great deal in regards to the calendar and I believe that is intentional for many reasons. However, if we overlay events and dates given in scripture the Zadok calendar is confirmed over and over again. And then if you take into account the priestly courses it’s literally the only calendar that works in conjunction with the temple service.
      Please check out the scriptural Proof page.

      Anyone can count to 364. And anyone can make observances of the spring equinox and where the sun and moon set on the horizon. It’s really no harder than that.


      1. vlsh55

        I have to respond to your comment that “new moon” is not found in scripture.
        Please refer to Dr. Steven Pidgeon’s blog post:–-Is-there-a-New-Moon-feast?

        Dr. Pidgeon is the founder of the….a restored Bible…. He is an ancient scripture scholar.

        How do these “new moons” fit into the Tsadok Calendar except as the four intercalary days to note the changing of the seasons? They were observable by the ancients as “DARK” moon days….no moon.

        Still searching for His Sabbath!


      2. I am fully aware of Stephen Pidgeon and I actually own a Cepher.
        That being said it doesn’t change the fact that the term yarech chodesh (new moon) does NOT exist in scripture. It’s translated that way because of TRADITION.

        There is also a lot of evidence that the so called “new moon” many refer to as the dark moon or conjunction is actually the full moon. In the Scrolls there is far more press given to the full moon than the new. And after comparing the dates given for the new moons in the scrolls with data from nasa and others it is obvious that the new moons the Zadok priests were recording wasn’t the conjunction but rather it was the “renewed” moon that is about 1/7th illuminated which aligns exactly with what Enoch states.

        With the Zadok calendar the moons do not have any relevance to the beginning of months. However, I absolutely believe the moon plays a major part in the beginning of the year being a faithful witness.
        It’s movements and phases do have significance just not with the monthly cycle.


  19. creationwitness

    You are correct. It isn’t literal, but the month of Abib is called that because that is when the barley should be in a stage ready for the wave sheath offering. If the calendar is off, then the wave sheath would either not be ready or over-ripe. That does correspond with scripture and I do believe scripture to be in a complete enough form (nothing being lost or twisted) without other confirmation from scripture and so in fact complete. Just thoughts.

    I should add that the Jewish calendar does not always correspond with the month of Abib. I don’t know about the Zadok, but that will take me some time to study. Sometimes it is easier to ask someone in the know 🙂


    1. The Zadok calendar will always be within a week of the equinox keeping it very close, and very accurate.
      Additionally I would mention that there is zero mention of a 13th month in scripture.
      The 364 day Zadok calendar is perfectly divisible by 7. 12 months of 30 days + 4 days of observance, on at the end of each quarter.
      The names of the month such as Abib refer to the seasons in which they fall. They were changed in Babylon.
      If you haven’t already read it I would encourage you to read the following


  20. Moriah Schottel

    Today is Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021. With the Head of the Year quickly approaching, I find myself scrambling to figure out the intercalated week. Was that done in 2020? I have many friends that follow the Zadok Calendar, yet they are divided. Some will start Month 1 Day 1 on March 17th. Others March 24th. I really want to get this right. I’ve been searching for a while now to no avail. I think your charts hint at March 24th this year. Can you tell me when you will be observing the new year, and why you chose that day? Scriptures, links, videos, etc.. I will study anything and then seek Yah in prayer for discernment! Thank you in advance!


    1. We intercalated last year because the alignments that we saw with the sun and moon. It’s hard to explain in a simple comment and unfortunately I don’t have any video teachings as of yet.
      However according to Enoch the moon rises with the sun in both the 3rd and 4th gates. The first instance did not happen prior to the equilux nor did it happen before the 364th day. If we use that and the equilux as a sign then all have to agree. Well they didn’t. When we intercalated it caused the first time the moon set with the sun to happen before the first day of the year and the second to happen after. The equilux happened after the 364th day and I believe it is supposed to happen before the first day as well acting as a sign.
      I will say that by intercalating this year several other things were brought into alignment as well.


  21. Wonderful blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks


    1. Sorry I cannot offer any advise for being listed in Yahoo news. The fact that you found this site through that portal is amazing to me.


  22. New York members of the Congregation of Elohim agree that the luminary or Enoch/Zadock calendar is the correct one. However, we are still in process of prayerfully choosing how the calendar works so the year’s 364th day will always end on the day where daylight and nighttime are equal while being also the fourth day of the week. That has been the challenge – a huge one we trust and look to Elohim to provide the answer. Thank you for all the information and responses provided out of genuine love for Elohim, His Son, Spirit and His Government.


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  24. Max Plageus

    Thank you for your information! I have studied this idea of Yah’s calendar for years, and then when I came across the Enoch/Zadok calendar based on the John the Baptist, the Qumran Zadokite priests, and the Dead Sea scroll library.

    Then I realized that John was most assuredly the REAL high priest, not Caiaphas, due to the fact Zedekiah was a priest of the course of Abijah and Elizabeth was a daughter of Aaron. Plus it is my opinion that Caiaphas was actually an Edomite, from the Hashmonian revolt that took place sometime during the reign of Antiochus IV. It is believed by some that this is when the temple was taken over by foreigners and the abomination of desolation took place, sometime between 168-163 B.C. . This would explain passages like Psalms 74 and 83, 83 showing the different nations that came against the Israelites and seized control of the temple. Even Malachi speaks of the defilement of the priesthood and it’s link to Esau(later, Herod the great, an Edomite/Hashemite). Even today many refer to God as Hashem, a false god that goes back to the ten tribes taken by the Assyrians, one of the many gods set up, Ashima( 2 Kings 17:30), or Hasham.

    Anyway(sorry to drift), I saw the difference between the Zadok/Enoch/Book of Jubilees calendar, and the ridiculous calendar used by Rabbis today. After much study and confusion(unfortunately), I prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit and felt that the 24 of March, a Wednesday, was correct for 2021. How awesome that you chose 3/24/2021 too….that makes TWO WITNESSES I believe!

    And your right, I believe, about the sun and the moon, BOTH being necessary witnesses to pinpoint the start date. I believe I may have the THIRD WITNESS, it is a star called Algenib, in the Pegasus constellation. There are FOUR stars in particular that create a square right near Pisces(the 3RD GATE maybe?), called the Great Square. The first three are Scheat, Markab, and Alpheratz. Algenib is the last one to be seen near the horizon in spring. It appears just before the sun and apparently twinkles one morning, then next morning fully seen, right around the equinox and equilax. From what I read it is another sign of the correct timing.

    Another thing I have heard is that there are comets(?) that flare up when the sun and moon rise/set together, that also may indicate the timing as well. Some astronomy programs and apps seem to validate both of these ideas to a degree.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    Matthew(Max Plageus)


  25. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It will always be interesting to read articles from other writers and practice something from their sites.


  26. So grateful to Yahuah to have found this Group. As I journey into the understanding of the Zadokite/Enochian Calendar, I’m grateful to find that there are those who would brave the bad names that the world (including some Messianics and Hebrews) gives us because we have chosen to ask for the ANCIENT PATHS of the ZADOKITE PRIESTHOOD. Shalum Alaykhm to all.


  27. Niurka Kirby

    Hi Matt,
    I have a question about the wood offering. I noticed that this calendar starts it on the same day of First Fruits of New Oil, finishing on the day before Shabbot but Zadok Way’s calendar starts the wood offering the day after ending on Shabbot. Outside of this, both calendars are exactly the same. Could you explain the difference? Thanks so much!


    1. Sorry for not responding sooner. In 4Q394 of the DSS it states “On the twenty-second of it: Feast of Oil, fir[st of sab]bath (Sunday). Af[terwards]: offe[ring of Wood].” Unlike other offerings (grain, wine & oil) where the dates are given, the wood offering is only said to be after the oil offering. So, it can be inferred that after the oil offering is complete, the wood offering begins. Otherwise, it would have been more descript as it even pinpoints the dates of the weekly sabbaths. Also, we have to consider the prohibition of carrying anything outside the home on weekly shabbat that was given in Torah. Hauling a bunch of wood would definitely be a violation of that statute and even take us back to the example in Numbers 15:32 when a man was stoned for doing just that.
      Hope that helps clarify.


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